Snow Photos

Whilst clearing out my large stash of photos on my iPhone, I thought I’d upload a couple of them here… They’re quite old (you can tell I don’t link up my iPhone to the computer much – I prefer just charging it via the mains!), as they date back to the early weeks of December last year (2010).

I used an iPhone application called ‘Hipstamatic’, which you can find out more about here:  Since taking them with the application, they haven’t been further edited.

I love old black and white photos, so I adjusted the settings for the ‘lens’ and the ‘film’ to create nice contrasts, which were particularly effective in the snow.  I didn’t last particularly long in that snowstorm either – my phone didn’t seem to like being out in sub-zero temperatures, and nor did my body; I came down with a flu bug the next day!

Main Road, first day of snow (Friday 10th Dec), waiting for the bus to work.

Bench by the bus stop (Friday)

Snow-covered fence by the bus stop (Friday)

Bin by bus stop (Friday)

Icicles hanging outside my kitchen window

My road, snowed in. Taxis weren't even going up it at one point.

Walking along the main road on the Monday – when it was snowing particularly heavily – was bizarre.  As one of the main roads out of my city, it was almost completely deserted for once.  I’ve never experienced this much snow before (we had over a foot of snow in a weekend), so it was quite exciting for me, though the fun was lessened somewhat when I still had to make it into work through the snow!

My main road, the following Monday. Very few cars were on the roads.

... And the cornershop was still advertising ice-creams in the snow. I couldn't help but find this amusing.

I’m quite taken with the photos of the fence and the bin in particular… I feel that perhaps I should print them out or do something with them, but I haven’t decided exactly what yet.


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