Cookie Cutter Collection (a.k.a. I Saw a Kitchen Shop and Couldn’t Resist)

So, this is the first of a couple of posts regarding my day trip to Monmouth with my housemate.  This has been my first weekend free from work for well over a month (hence the severe lack of any blogging for the past month – I’ve been working full-time, and had several paid projects on the side, so no time for indulging in baking and design projects *sob*).  Anyway I decided to make the most of the time off and go on a jaunt to this very pretty market town on the Welsh border.

This history geek in me came out and I had to photograph this information plaque about the bridge

I managed to bag a number of finds in the numerous quirky little shops there (more about that in a separate post), but I thought I’d ramble on a bit about the wonders of a kitchen shop called Salt and Pepper first.

It was hard to limit myself to only buying a few things in this amazing shop, as it seemed to have EVERYTHING (including so many different types of Le Creuset casserole pots… There was even a bright turquoise one… *drool*).  However, I told myself – and my housemate accompanying me – that I would only be allowed to buy necessary items or things I desperately wanted and would regret not buying when I arrived home.

So, enter the following items:

1 elephant cookie cutter = 49p!!!!! (You’ll understand my excitement of this in a minute)

1 butterfly cookie cutter = £1.50

1 plain mug = £2.75 (to be a gift)

2 polka dot egg cups = £1.50 each (£3 together)

1 small tube of heart sprinkles = £2.99

1 small tupperware box (180 ml / 6 oz) = £.1.45

… Coming to a grand total of £12.18 (I was a little shocked.. I hadn’t been keeping track of the prices much, but was surprised at the items that I managed to get for that price).

So now for the breakdown of the specific items…

It was a tough choice to decide which size tupperware container to get, as my small round tupperware container recently broke (note to self: do NOT try to open lid immediately after extracting from freezer. It will snap).  This one was so cute and tiny – but useful! – that I couldn’t say no.  And at £1.45 it wasn’t bad really (that’s what I’m telling myself)… Considering I have to package up lunch / tea regularly for work, I’ll be using it on a near-daily basis for all types of yummy foodie things from strawberries, small breadsticks, carrot sticks to hummus.

The cookie cutters were an instant YES for me because, well, one was an elephant.  I had to buy it.  Elephant  shaped things to me are like porcelain animals are to Sherry of the Young House Love blog (basically slightly obsessed.. I already have a wooden elephant statue, elephant canvas art, and various other bits and pieces… and I keep collecting…).  As well as the obvious choice of the elephant, I chose the butterfly because it’s pretty versatile;  I can make some pretty spring biscuits with it now, but it’ll also be just as applicable to use in summer / late autumn / birthday party food etc.  So these two beautiful cutters will be finding their new home amongst my slowly growing animal cookie cutter collection..

It started off by a friend’s trip to Sweden, and their bringing back of a pig, person and reindeer cookie cutter  for me – I’m rather enamoured with the reindeer one in particular.. It’s going to be used lots next Christmas!

The egg cups on the other hand were a necessity, due to my severe lack of egg cups, and my want to have boiled egg and toast for breakfast sometimes.  Balancing an egg on top of a small shot glass just doesn’t quite cut it.  Especially when it rolls off it unexpectedly…  I’d been moseying about looking for cute egg cups for the entire day, after first spotting a cute chicken one in the morning (which was £3.50), but eventually found these for only £1.50 each… I liked the mismatchedness of the different colours so got one of each to make me happy.  Still cheaper than buying only one of the chicken ones, so I felt I was onto a winner with these!

The mug is actually going to be a birthday present for a friend (I’ll be doing some more stencilling / monogramming – see here for what I did on some mugs previously), and the sprinkles are just yet anoooother addition to my rather large collection of cupcake decorating ingredients.  I’ll have to photograph all these decorating sprinkles together one day.  It might shock me / you how many I have…

Anyway, so yes, there’s a breakdown of my shop at Salt and Pepper (even the name of the shop is amazing!… And they have a website…).

More will be coming about this day trip as I managed to come across some great items that are part of one of my ongoing design projects…

In the meantime, I’ll be monogramming the mug in the next few days, and  I’ll be enjoying toast and a runny boiled egg for breakfast tomorrow!