It’s Oh So Quiet… Shh.. Shh…

Yeah, I like Bjork.  Funny story – to stop me thinking about it too much when I used to go for blood tests in the doctors (I used to faint if I saw the blood!), I would lie down whilst they took the blood and listen to my iPod… I used to play one of my favourite tracks of Bjork’s: “Play Dead”. The nurse got the irony.

Anyway, this is not about that sort of thing at all!… It’s more of an apology for being very much AWOL from this blog… It’s been a hectic couple of months for me:  I got offered a job (which I took) working in admin for a web design company (they’re pretty awesome if I do say so myself)…  AND I got myself a flat! A flat! I’ve been looking for a place of my own for some time as I’ve been moving from shared house to shared house for the past five years, and I managed to snap up a gorgeous flat in a small town outside of the city where I work.  It’s a reasonable price to rent, which surprised me, as it’s easily twice – if not three times – the size of all the others I viewed, which were being offered at the same price or more than this one.  The one big perk? It has a spare room (which is going to be my study / music room / overflow library of books.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that this room has a fantastic view of the sea?!.. No?… Well, maybe that’s because I’m trying to kid myself that I will get work done in this room…

All in all, it’s a great flat. It’s pretty exciting to have it all to myself, and I’m looking forward to coming home to it after a long day at work.

The best part – and teeny bit scary / exciting part – is that it is completely unfurnished (apart from white good: Built-in oven, small fridge-freezer, and a washing machine – which has its own cupboard in the hallway!).  So the last couple of weeks since deciding to take the plunge and signing away my life first month’s wages have been crazy busy, with me trying to find cheap and functional basic furniture (there’ll be separate posts all about these – especially the bargains I’ve managed to find!), and scouting round for more quirky individual pieces that will make the room my own, rather than looking like an IKEA catalogue.  

As well as this, the inevitable big move – which will be complete by the end of this week (eek!) has meant that I’ve very reluctantly put a stop to my cooking, simply to try to get rid of all the freezer food / tins that I have that I’d rather not take with me.  I am really looking forward to having an entire kitchen to myself to bake though, and it’s a good excuse to use / test-out the oven, as I’ve become rather partial to cooking with gas ovens, and this one is an electric fan one… so it’ll cook things a heck of a lot faster (supposedly) than the partly-broken gas one that I’ve been using for the past year. Hmm!…

Anyway, now for the fun part – photos!  They’re not amazing, as I took them on the day I viewed the flat (but they’re better than me taking photos right now, as it looks messy with all my stuff untidily thrown in some of the rooms.. I may take some photos this weekend, just to keep it real).

This is a map of the flat, so you can kind of see where each of the rooms are…

Floor Plan

The kitchen / living room is all one big space.  I’ve never been a fan of open-plan living spaces, but this one works, because the room is so large, and the lovely bay window in the living room area (see below) gives the entire room great natural light throughout the day (it captures all the evening light too as it is west-facing, hurray!)

Kitchen Area

Living Room area

Then next to the living room (and straight ahead when you enter the flat) is the main bedroom, which again is lovely and light.  I’m currently thinking of getting an easy-chair to put in the window so that I can curl up on it on nights I can’t sleep.

Main Bedroom

(It’s wider than the photo… I took it from an odd angle…)

Then down the hallway we have the spare room:

Spare Bedroom / Study / Music Room

… the bathroom…


.. and finally, a shot of the hallway with the cupboard at the end…

Hallway (Washing machine cupboard at end)

So there we have it, my new home!  Now excuse me whilst I go do yet another happy dance whilst packing up my belongings.. Possibly to this song right here, which always makes me think happy summery silly thoughts (and because I have fallen somewhat in love with my flat, so it’s rather appropriate):


One thought on “It’s Oh So Quiet… Shh.. Shh…

  1. So happy for you, you’ve got such a great place there. And it looks huge! Getting to have your own music room/study is also pretty fantastic. And you’ll get to be creative just making that place your home 🙂 Adventure for the win!

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