Apple and Cinnamon Toasties

Now that Winter is a-coming, ushered in rather grandly by Autumn’s recent fierce rain and blustery winds (which is all well and good when you’re sitting at home cozied up with a mug of tea, but not so lovely when you’re fighting said torrential rain and gales to get to work at 8am in the morning)… Anyway, having the hint of coldness on the air makes me revert to making comfort food and using spices when cooking.  I’ve recently been very busy so have been eating my main meal in the office, which means I only have to make a small snack for tea when I get in at 6pm each day.  I’m not a massive fan of having sandwiches for tea, and – as my parents brought my trusty, slightly battered from student-days toastie-maker down a couple of weeks ago when they visited – I’ve been using this to concoct a yummy warning snack for myself in the evenings.  My all time favourite definitely has to be an apple and cinnamon toastie.  Super easy to make, healthy, warming and altogether a comforting tea.


2 slices of bread, very thinly buttered on one side

1 bruised / battered / seen-better-days apple (I have plenty of these as I always carry an apple around in my bag in case I get peckish, but often they get replaced, as they get battered quite quickly!)

½ tsp cinnamon

… And, if you need a little sweetness, a teeny tiny dusting of sugar


  1. Switch on toastie maker.
  2. Whilst the toastie maker is heating up, peel and core the apple, then slice thinly.  Place the bread butter-side down, layer the slices of apple on top of the bread (they will all fit… they will!), sprinkle the cinnamon – and sugar if required – over the apples, and place the second slice of bread on top, butter side-up.
  3. Put in toastie-maker for 5 mins (or until the bread is nice and golden and crispy).  Remove it carefully, and then let it sit for 3 minutes before eating (I’ve learned the hard way, as I’m often impatient.  A burnt mouth does not a good snack make).
  4. Enjoy!

Have anything to add? Please leave a comment below - I'd love to hear your feedback!

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