Bedknobs and Broomsticks

So… Back to the flat and the furniture hunt (a few months back admittedly, but I never had a chance to post it at the time)…

I’d been looking for a nice solid wood bed for the new flat, and had come across several similar types, all with a variety of prices.  The first one I’d set my sights on was the Ikea version of this rustic bedframe, which was selling for £199, but having heard from several people about the odd sizings of IKEA beds and how they don’t quite fit conventional mattress sizes, I was a bit unsure.

Ikea Hemnes Double Bed

In comparison, Argos offered nearly the same style of bedstead for £119.99, but couldn’t promise delivery for 35 days… which would’ve meant camping out on my small chair-bed mattress for well over two weeks…

Argos Atlantis Double Bed

So, in the end, I went through the Tesco Direct website, which offered a simlar style of bed again, but with slightly larger gaps between the wooden posts (easier to dust, what with my dustmite allergy!), which came to £150.

Tesco Fairhaven Double Bed

After going through a cahsback site, and using a Tesco coupon for money off, and putting a couple of Tesco vouchers towards it that I’d been hoarding, it worked out as far less than even the Argos bedframe in the first place, AND I could specify delivery for the day I wanted (albeit somewhere in the wide margins of 7am – 7pm… They do promise a phone-call 2 hours before delivery though…)

Fairhaven Double Bed (Chocolate Brown) = £150
– £8.25 cashback through using a cashback site (
– £14 Tesco vouchers
– £10 (£10 voucher if order was over £100)
= £32.25 off the bed

= £117.75 TOTAL paid  (the £8.25 cashback should be confirmed, processed and paid to my account within 6 months).

In the end, I had a phone-call at 8.30am on Saturday morning, and it got delivered at about 9.10am.

The fact that the bed arrived so early on in the day meant that I was then able to go and buy a mattress in the afternoon.  I decided to go to Dreams, which is one of the big bed and mattress stores in Cardiff.  I had prepared myself to spend a sizable chunk of money – and chunk of time choosing – on a mattress, but I chose surprisingly fast, and ended up with a good deal too:  the mattress was originally £599, but was in the sale for £249!).  It was £35 delivery, but I didn’t mind too much with that much off the original price.  

So putting the amount spent on the bedframe and mattress together, I spent £401.75.. Instead of £784.  Verrry pleased.  

It took a while to put together, and there were some parts that were fiddly (if not downright awkward… like a couple of screws snapping off into a piece of wood – however, after a phonecall to Tesco Direct, they promised to replace said piece of wood and screws within the week).  

Here’s a shot of the wood – the stain shows the details of the wood so nicely:

And here’s another shot of it before it was all put together:

And here’s the finished product in my bedroom (doesn’t it look lovely?):

I absolutely adore my bed.  It’s easily my favourite piece of furniture in the flat (the sofa and oak coffee table come a close joint-second)… It’s lower than what I was used to, as I’ve had a divan bed for the last year, but I’m slowly getting used to that, and I love the fact that there’s loads of hidden storage space underneath it.  The mattress fits the bed frame perfectly, which means it doesn’t move around at all, and it’s definitely the most comfy bed I’ve slept in (yay for being able to choose the firmness of the mattress!).

Oh and if anyone else is thinking of buying something through Tesco Direct, here’s the link to the e-coupons that might come in handy:


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