Cupcake crazy

Just a short post this time, and some gorgeous photos courtesy of Ruth Morris, of Albatross Archive.  I was asked if I would like to come along to the SWIGEN festival on Saturday 22nd October in Cardiff.  So I made cupcakes… Although the stall didn’t do as well as I’d hoped, the day was really fun, and I got to see a lot of great Cardiffian bands, which are definitely worth checking out:

The festival ran from 12pm – 11pm, and was in aid of Shelter Cymru and Oxjam Cardiff.  More info that on here, and here.

So here are the beautiful photos (thankyou again Ruth for allowing me to use them on my blog!)

I had a very definite idea in mind when searching for a tablecloth. Thankfully the Kitchen shop in Cardiff (my shop heaven!) had exactly what I was looking for: a green and white polka dot vinyl (wipe-clean) tablecloth. Hurrah!

Cupcake Label Flags

Entire Cupcake...

Half Cupcake...

All gone!

And a rare photo of me (albeit in the background!)

More cupcakes

The cupcakes I made were as follows:

  • Vanilla:  vanilla sponge and vanilla buttercream icing, topped with pink and white sugar sprinkles.
  • Vanilla chocolate:  vanilla sponge and chocolate buttercream icing, topped with half an Oreo cookie.
  • Chocolate: chocolate with chocolate buttercream icing, topped with half an Oreo cookie.
  • Chocolate Orange: chocolate with chocolate orange buttercream icing, topped with some orange matchmakers.
  • Lemon: lemon sponge with lemon buttercream icing, topped citrus sprinkles and a sugar lemon decoration.

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