Spray Painted Frames – Frame Wall Part 1

I started this project quite some time ago (back in June before I found this flat and moved), so I still had the luxury of a garden (i.e. somewhere that I could spray paint items without it getting all fumey inside!).

The idea is that I wanted to create a frame wall, like this, which I will be putting behind my sofa in my living room area of the flat.

I decided to buy frames on the cheap if I could, as buying black frames were rather expensive, and I was struggling to find any with character (I wanted them all to look a bit different to keep it interesting, as they were all to be painted black).

I had bought three frames (both either end of the row below, and one not pictured) when I visited Monmouth for the day (see here for more on that trip), and I had picked up a couple from IKEA as well (middle three).

I laid the frames out on a piece of cardboard I had lying around the house, and then gave them two coats of black spray paint.  This is the paint that I used:

They turned out really nicely (though the sun does something funny to the colour of the paint, so it doesn’t look properly black, when in fact it is):

They looked lovely once they were dry, and will be hung up soon-ish on my living room wall… there’ll be a part 2 of this post.. watch out for it in the near future!


5 thoughts on “Spray Painted Frames – Frame Wall Part 1

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