Paintpots and Pancakes goes all Facebook Style!

So, along with the brand new shiny pretty polkadotty redesign of the blog, I’ve been busy making the Facebook page for Paintpots and Pancakes, which will feature a couple more photos, little updates on projects, and ridiculous and mundane thoughts of mine from time to time.  I’ll be updating this Facebook page regularly, so please check it out, ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ if you’re feeling generous (you may get a cake out of it, you never know).

Paintpots and Pancakes – On Facebook!! (and all capital lettered words!… I’m still a little excited about this clearly…)

Considering that’s my second post this week that has been made the day after another post, it’s probably a record blogging week for me.  This is the final one this week, I promise!

I hope everyone enjoyed Guy Fawkes night last night – As this was the first time living in my new area, I went up to one of the hills by the sea and watched the town fireworks.  Felt properly Autumnal doing so too (i.e. was wrapped up warm with scarf and mittens and absolutely freezing!).

Also, heads up for the first Christmassy preparation post which will be appearing in the next week or so… Only 48 days to Christmas, and I’m determined to make the majority of my decorations from scratch. We’ll see how this self-challenge goes!



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