Twigs and Trees

This weekend I went for a walk in the park to find some old dead and discarded branches that I can use for my Christmas twigs (I’m planning on spray painting them silver and wrapping fairy lights around them = much cheaper than buying the pre-sprayed branched in shops, hurray!).  It was a fantastic Autumn day, cold enough to feel like Winter was looming now, especially with the chilly wind and the fact that it gets dark so quickly nowadays.

I’m hoping to spray paint the branches this coming weekend (I’ve yet to decide on whether to tape down bin liners to the floor in my flat and do it indoors, or to chance it and try and do it in the car-parky area behind my flat…  Thoughts anyone??)

Before I spray the twigs however, I’ve got some major chopping of branches to do (it sounds worse than it is.. I just need to snap some of the smaller twigs off the main branches so that the finished twig-tree doesn’t look too cluttered!).


2 thoughts on “Twigs and Trees

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