Christmas Part 1: Candles and Cones

I’ve been super excited about Christmas since the beginning of November, mostly due to the fact that now I’ve got my own place, I can design my own type of Christmas this year (though I’ll be going back to my family for the actual Christmas eve – Boxing day festivities).  I’ve always loved Christmas… Growing up living with both my parents and my grandparents together meant that I got to experience different styles of Christmas; I love the mis-matchedness and the comfy collection of my grandparents’ decorations, which have been collected of the years and are so colourful and beautiful.  My parents on the other hand have a colour-scheme for Christmas, which is classic and timeless.  I like both styles, and wanted this year to bring some elements of both those Christmases and meld it with some homemade rustic-style ideas of my own that I wanted to do.

So, I’ve bought a few basic christmas decorations – one Christmas-themed bowl, some fairy lights (x 2), and some silver baubles.  I’ll be adding to these by creating my own decorations, on the cheap, to create a mismatched, pretty Christmas of my own.

I’ve been busy crafting away the last few days, and have a few Christmassy crafty treats in store for you readers!  This is the first of them… (and one which is easy enough for anyone to do, and only take about 10 minutes).

Christmas Pillar Candle

To make this project, I used the following:

pillar candle (free – already owned)

green felt (free – leftovers from another Christmas project – I’ll share this with you soon!)

red ribbon (free – already owned)

silver spray paint (free – already owned…  and I’ll be using this again in other Christmas projects!)

pine cones (free – picked up on my trip to the park, seen here)

silver tray (free – already owned)

superglue (free – already owned)

First of all, I measured the width of felt I wanted to go around the candle, and then measured again to make sure that there would be a small overlap between the two ends to be able to glue it down.  I dabbed a little superglue to one end of the felt to secure it to the candle, then wrapped the felt around the candle, carefully making sure that it was straight, then glued the other end of the felt to the first end.

I repeated this process with the red gingham fabric, only the fabric was 2cm narrower in width (to allow for 1cm of the felt to show either side of the fabric once on the candle).

To finish off the candle and to keep everything place that little bit more, I tied a red ribbon around the material.

To make the pine cones, I simply laid them out on a bin liner in my kitchen, opened the window (got to make sure you spray paint in a well-ventilated area guys!  The fumes are pretty stinky!), then one side of the cones, rolled them over carefully, and sprayed all the others until each pine cone was covered completely in the silver spray paint.

Once these were dry, I placed the candle on the silver tray, and placed the pine cones around it.  Ta-da! Super easy and super cheap (well… make that FREE!).

I’m looking forward to placing this on my bookcase and changing up the display on there once December hits! (only three more weeks… I’ve tried so hard not to sing too many Christmas songs yet… middle of November is still a tad early, but I can’t help but be very much in a holiday mood from making all these decorations!)


5 thoughts on “Christmas Part 1: Candles and Cones

  1. Yay another Christmas lover!! I agree with you… I love all the amazing trinkets and decorations my grandparents have gotten over the years, but I adore my moms obsession with perfection.. Beautiful color schemes & everything matching 🙂 Can’t wait for more of your Christmas posts!

    • Thankyou! That’s cool that your family is the same with their decorations 🙂 and I’m pleased to find that I’m not the only one getting excited in early November about the holidays. I’m kind of hoping for some snow too before Christmas 🙂

  2. Thanks for the interesting blog update. I was attempting to subscribe to your RSS feed, but I couldn’t seem to get it working with Google Reader. Is there something wrong, or is it my fault (I’m a bit of a technophobe!)?

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