Swingin’ on the Curtains

So… before posting some more Christmas preparations next week, I thought I’d blog about something else housey for a bit…So here we go!

I’ve finally bought curtains (hurray!).  It took me much longer than I initially thought it would, due to me being ridiculously indecisive as to whether to go for ready-made curtains or whether it would be cheaper to buy fabric and make them myself (or rather, ask a favour of a friend who owns a sewing machine to make them for me!).

The first place I looked at was John Lewis, just because their haberdashery is rather extensive, and they have a great choice of fabric and curtains online as well.  However, the downside of this is that John Lewis is a rather expensive department store, and their price of curtains reflects this, which was disappointing, as I rather liked these ones *sigh*.  It really doesn’t help that I need the largest curtain size – 90in wide x 90in high.

I then continued to search for fabric (which would have been pretty pricey considering I needed about 3m x 3m of fabric for each window), which meant that at £10 – £24 per metre, and around 9m worth of fabric, came to a ridiculous £90 – £216 per pair of curtains.  Even the lower price was more than I was prepared to pay for fabric, as I knew I still needed to buy blackout thermal material to sew on the back of the fabric in order to keep the drafts out… The whole point of the curtains in the first place – apart from the absolute dire need to replace the hideous office blinds in the living room with something more pretty and homely – was to hinder the drafts that will be inevitably be coming sneakily through the single-glazed windows (ah the joys and tribulations of living in a listed building!).

After trying desperately to find pretty, functional, plus affordable fabrics, I resigned myself to having to find ready-made curtains again… So over a month after I first began looking for curtains, I finally came across Terry’s Fabrics (site here), which had a sale on several of their ready-made curtains.

I had decided by this point that I wanted to find a curtain fabric for the living room that would be able to fit with any future scheme that I may choose (currently it’s apple green and grey), so I wanted a light curtain with a neutral pattern on it which would stand out but would fit with anything…  And then I came across these beauties:

And at only £54.90 for the living room curtains (less than half the amount I’d found elsewhere AND on sale, down from £64.99), it was very easy to say yes.  YES!!!

I also managed to find the curtains for the bedroom here too.  I wanted a darker colour for that room, which would both help with keeping the room dark in the daytime if I needed it to be (a light bedroom is a nightmare when a migraine rears it’s ugly painful head), but would warm the room and make it feel cozy and comforting too.  I ended up going with one of my favourite colours… purple.

They’re a little darker in real life, which suits me very well, as I was afraid they’d be too bright, but they’ll fit perfectly with my purple / turquoise bedroom.  Especially at a fabulously cheap £35.50 (down from £39.99 – not as big a price drop as the others, but still enough to make me happy).

Cost of curtains:

Living room curtains:  £54.90

Blackout lining:  £25.50

Total for curtain material =   £80.40

Bedroom curtains:  £35.50

Blackout linings for curtains x 2 = £21.50

Total for curtain material = £57.00

Although it may still look a bit pricey, the thermal blackout material is well worth the cost, as it’s going to stop drafts and means – hopefully – that I will have to switch the heating on less through the winter (which means less freezing toes and a less grumpy cold Sarah!).

I’ll be posting again in a week or so about the finished look – once I’ve managed to climb up a ladder and work out how to attached curtain tracks to the windows… That’s this weekend’s job… Let’s hope I don’t have any accidents with drills and hammers and ladders, eh?!

– – –

Oh, and for those link-happy people, the John Lewis ‘Mayflower Leaves’ curtains can be found here, and the final curtains (‘Oriana Silver’) I bought from Terry’s Fabrics can be found here.  The ‘Java’ curtains that I chose for the bedroom can also be found here (also bought from Terry’s Fabrics).


3 thoughts on “Swingin’ on the Curtains

  1. I absolutely love your blog and find nearly all of your post’s to be exactly what I’m looking for. can you offer guest writers to write content for yourself? I wouldn’t mind producing a post or elaborating on most of the subjects you write related to here. Again, awesome site!

    • Hi,
      I’m afraid I don’t offer the opportunity for guest writers to blog at the moment, due to the fact that the blog is simply a homemade-diary of the crafts and the work that I’m carrying out on my home. Thanks for the feedback though, there’ll be plenty more posts about small home improvements and easy-do-to recipes and crafts! 🙂

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