Welcome To The Family

Say hello to my newest additions of spray paint…! (The matt red, matt black and matt white spray paints).  They join my big silver spray paint in a big old happy family that will sit in my craft supplies and appear from time to time probably quite often.

 One friend joked half-seriously that come January, they’d have to pry the spray paint out of my clutching hands, but I’m sure I’m not that far gone with it yet (note to that particular friend – You.. Just… Try…it!). Me and spray paint = match made in craft heaven. Easy to use, relatively no mess (if you prepare and put protective bags over surfaces etc first), and a nice clean, professional-looking finish. What more could a girl / craft-obsessive nutcase want?!

Here’s a sneak peek at what I used the sprays for:

Also, the red and white spray paints will be being used in an upcoming Christmas project – keep an eye out for it!

–  –  –  –  –

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*Phew* now that shameless self-promotion malarky is over, I can go do another project.. with paint… maybe!…


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