You’ve Been Framed! (Frame Wall Part 2)

So it’s official!… I have 14 frames sitting on the wall above my sofa and looking absolutely gorgeous.

After having talked about it a long time (and having thought about it even longer), I finally got time this weekend – after J’s parents came and visited the flat on the Saturday afternoon – to get up the courage to knock some (small!) holes in the wall for the frames.  To make it easier for myself, I laid out the frames on the floor first to arrange them in the pattern I thought would be best, and then cut templates of each of the frames out of scrap paper (a tip that I picked up from Young House Love on their post about frame walls here).

For those who didn’t read Part 1 of the Frame Wall adventure, this picture below is kind of my inspiration – a nice jumble of different frames which match in colour, but are a mismatched style of new and old (I got three of the frames on the wall for a total of £5 in a charity shop in Monmouth all those months ago on my day trip… Others I picked up cheaply from eBay and IKEA).

The wall above the sofa has always looked incredibly bare, as it’s a very long wall, not broken up by any tall furniture, and stretches from the kitchen area to the window.  The frame was was designed to split the spaces up a little more and make the living room section of the large room feel more cosy (which the curtains – more about that later – have certainly helped with as well).

One reason why I’d been putting it off was the worry that I’d need to drill so many holes in one wall in my rented flat… However, when J’s dad looked at the wall, he pointed out we could use these nifty little picture hanging hooks (below), as they can hold quite a lot of weight, but don’t damage the wall quite so much as a big screw:

And so J and I thought we might as well give it a bash and see whether they worked… So far, so good…

The templates took a while to cut out, but the time spent on them definitely paid off when putting the picture hooks in the wall and  hanging the frames.  To make it easier when hanging the frames, I labelled the templates with the corresponding pictures in the frames, to make it a lot less confusing when hanging them all on the wall…

Once we attached the picture hooks on the wall, we replaced the paper on the hook, and until all the hooks were put into the wall (due to a liiiittle mishap that happened early on when we had hung one frame on the wall, which promptly fell off when we began hammering another picture hook in above it.. oops!).  Here’s the finished frames on the wall after all the hooks were in place.

(and yes, you can flip between the two pictures above and see a couple of different positions of frames between the two (specifically the bottom right where i switched the violin frame and the 4-square frame around, and bottom left corner where I flipped the A4 frame from portrait to landscape).  The chalkboard has a charming (!) picture of a cat on it, drawn by J, and the bottom left A4 frame is actually wrapping paper that J’s mum wrapped a housewarming present in.  The central frame is a pencil drawing that I bought in Venice… and the ‘Home Sweet Home’ picture is actually an advertising flyer that I was going to throw away in work, but thought it may look nice in a frame at home.. (how right I was!)

And so before the big reveal of the new improved wall, here’s a reminder of what the wall above the sofa used to look like:

Here’s what the wall looks like now…

What do you all think?…. Is this something that you’ve seen in magazines and want to replicate yourself?…

Let me know in the comments below!


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