Christmas Part 4: All that glitters…

… All that glitters is not gold… it’s… GLITTER BAUBLES!

(can you tell I got overly excited about the mess / fun of glitter?!)

One super-easy (and fun messy) project is to decorate existing baubles that may need a bit of glitzing to make more exciting. Cheaper than buying new ones, and infinitely more enjoyable, you can easily decorate your own with PVA glue and glitter. This is also a fantastic kid-friendly project for a Saturday afternoon if they want to get involved.
All you need is:
A selection of plain baubles
PVA glue in a container with a nozzle*
A pot of glitter (or two… Or three…)

*  The PVA is easier to draw with if you have one of those kid-friendly squeeze bottles with a nozzle.

Realising that the majority of my baubles were silver, I wanted to create a bit more glitz and colour on my christmas tree.  First of all, I selected some baubles from the pack that were looking more plain than the others.  I then carefully held the bauble by the silver crown (from which the string comes out), and proceeded to draw zigzags and stars and dots on the bauble.

I then sprinkled glitter carefully over the bauble, and shook of any excess.  To avoid the mess (or at least, attempt to make it slightly more tidy when clearing up!), I laid a bin bag down over the table, so that I could simply gather up the bag once finished.

In order for them to dry, they need to hang freely without touching anything for a few hours. I used some of the twigs I collected in the park a couple of weekends ago, and like the effect of the baubles hanging from the branches do much it may become a Christmas decoration in itself!

Ta-da!  An easy and quick way to improve some of those old baubles hiding in the cupboard that have seen better days.  Now they can be all sparkly and new-looking again!


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