The Big Reveal

The past few weekday evenings have been spent struggling to put the curtains up in the flat.  It’s been a long time coming, and has certainly been a necessary job to get done in the last couple of weeks due to the weather getting substantially colder in the evenings when I arrive back from work.  The combination of the increased rate in heating bills and my old single-glazed windows (the downside of a listed building) meant that unless I got thermal curtains up, I would be looking at a hefty gas bill for the Winter period (not that it’ll be cheap anyway, even with the curtains in place).    The curtains were also an aesthetic necessity.  I was tired of coming home and seeing office-like blinds at my windows, not dis-similar to those in my office.

So, after picking out the curtains, it was time to take a trip to B&Q for the essentials:  Curtain tracks and wire for the curtains, and a hacksaw to cut down the length of the tracks if needed.  It was difficult to settle on a curtain track that would be suitable for a bay window, as I wanted the curtains to go into the bay rather than cut it off from the rest of the room when the curtains were closed.  This meant I either needed a super bendy rail (which is what I decided on eventually), or a rail that had lots of joining bits to it (I quickly came to the conclusion that curtain rails are a confusing thing to me!).  Once we got the curtain rails home, it was time to get the old blinds down from the windows, which turned out to be nice and easy, as they were simply clipped to their metal fittings, then remove the metal fittings from the ceiling.  Luckily for me, the holes for the blinds were in the right place for the fittings for the curtain track fixings…

After we removed the blinds, we put up the curtain wire for the net curtains (I’m paranoid  about people seeing in my flat, and it makes my view a little nicer – hides the bus stop – and creates a softer light in the room).  Once those curtains were up, it was time to fix the curtain tracks onto the ceiling of the window alcove.

There then followed the rather long and boring process of affixing the blackout material to the curtains before putting the curtains up.  I won’t bore you with that, as it was boring enough for me…. so… once that was done (phew!), it was time to put up the curtains and see if they worked… As the curtains were pretty heavy with the additional blackout material, it was a two-person job (me feeding the curtains up to J who was hanging them whilst balancing on a ladder).

And once they were finished, well…. just look at them!…

And a close-up of the pattern:

They certainly have changed my living room atmosphere into one of cosy cosy warmth rather than the cold impersonal blinds that once hung at the windows!


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