Christmas Part 5: Deck the Halls

This was something really simple that I put together last weekend (before I got ill and couldn’t do much this week!)

It’s a more wintery and glittery version of this wreath.  Instead of cutting out oval leaves, I cut out a holly shape leaf from the book pages, attaching them to the cardboard wreath like before.

After doing this, I PVA’ed circles on the paper leaves, and sprinkled purple glitter over these glue spots, to recreate berries.

I then wrapped the wreath with this silver snowflake wire, bought from IKEA for 39p.

I stuck it on the front of the front door of my flat.  I’m liking the frosty and glittery effect that it has.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Christmas Part 5: Deck the Halls

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