Counters, Cushions, and Bar Chairs

So in a quick break from all things sparkly, crafty and Christmassy… back to furniture and things for the flat (which is currently being pulled apart – or so it feels like – by electricians in a bid to fix the oven…).

My most recent acquisition for the flat was the final ‘necessary’ furniture items that I wanted:  kitchen chairs.  However, because the breakfast bar is counter-height, which is about 10cm – 15cm higher than the normal kitchen table, I couldn’t just buy normal kitchen chairs.  Nor could I buy your typical bar chairs, as they were too high… See my counter, although a lovely height, was a difficult in-betweeny height for buying chairs.  There are only a few places that sold chairs at the shorter height of 63cm to 68cm (from floor to seat height); IKEA being the main one.

So after making sure of the height needed – through a hilarious technique of me and J measuring the height of the seat, then attempting to hold a cushion in the air at that exact position whilst the other awkwardly tried to ‘sit’ at the table – I searched on Gumtree (which is where I managed to pick up one of my living room chairs, and my coffee table), and all stores that sold bar chairs (IKEA, Argos, and then the supermarket direct online catalogues).

Because it’s just that little too high for me to be able to place my feet on the ground once on the chair (I’m a short gal, see), I wanted to find chairs that had backs (so stools were out of the question), and that were solid, i.e. didn’t fold up.

However, as I’m only renting this flat until I buy a place of my own, which I’m still unsure of as to whether it will have a breakfast bar in it or not (although I am being converted by this one now…), I didn’t want to spend the rather pricey amount that IKEA were offering solid bar stools at (upwards of £56 here, and some reaching a whopping £95 here… for one chair… ouch!).

After complaining at length about the price of the IKEA ones, I came across what looked like a mistake on the Tesco Direct website (same place as I bought my bed).  There was a bar chair on sale for £8.63 (down from £34.50), due to it being mis-advertised as a higher seat height than it actually was… hellooooo mistake!….

After quickly checking the measurements and the comments left by other people purchasing them (bad comments overall, but after reading, it was due to the mistakenly marketed height and nothing more), I deliberated whether I should just go for it, and if so, how many to get.  My initial plan had been to get two chairs, but as they were so cheap, I thought it would be silly not to get another one, as three would fit round the counter easily.

So I quickly added them to my basket, and went through the checkout before I thought too much about it and changed my mind… I was able to pick them up at my local store, so that automatically meant that a £5 delivery charge wasn’t added on, and once I used some of my Tesco clubcard vouchers against the chairs, they worked out at just over £5 each. Unbelievable really.

They were easy to assemble out of the box, and are comfy to sit on.  Even J was pleasantly surprised when he sat on them one evening for dinner, as he hadn’t been a fan of the idea of bar chairs to begin with.  The good thing about them being so cheap is that I can either sell them on for cheap when I move house, or I can just try and chop off the legs a bit and see if they work that way…!  Either way, considering I paid a little over £15 for the three chairs, I don’t lose out that much (and the added bonus is that they look almost identical to the £95 IKEA ones, hurray!!).

What do you think of them?… Is a breakfast bar your kind of thing, or are you more of a traditional kitchen-table person?


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