Christmas Part 8: Finished Christmas Cake

So I left the last post about my cake without showing any pictures of the completely finished and iced product.  So, with no further ado, here is my finished Christmas cake, marzipanned, iced and decorated all frostily:

The wreath was a little more complicated than I had initially intended it to be, due to me accidentally losing my small holly cutter (which I had intended to cut out icing holly shapes with.  So without that cutter, I wasn’t sure how to create the leaf shapes.  I finally decided to cut out small thin circle shapes out of the icing using one of my circular cutters.  To create a leaf shape, I folded the circle over to create a half-circle shape, and pinched the middle of the circle  in to make one leaf point, and then pinched either side of the half-circle as well.  It looks more like an ivy wreath and a holly one, but I think it’s effective all the same.

… And having sampled some of the finished cake this past weekend, I can officially say that it is a successful Christmas cake (hurrah, first time as well!)

I hope you are all enjoying the last week lead-up to Christmas – I had a little Christmas gathering last night with festive music, and mince pies (and cake!), and am now feeling suitably more ready for Christmas next week.

I also opened a Christmas present from J yesterday – he insisted I open it early, and it is now hanging prominently on the Christmas tree:  It’s me in a Christmas ornament – how awesome is that?! (and it even matches my colour scheme, despite it being bought waaay way back earlier this year!)

Pretty!…. And absolutely perfect! 🙂


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