Savvy Shopping – How to shop for Christmas in the January Sales


The January sales are all a-go-go, and it’s easy to forget all about next Christmas in the rush to get cheap clothes and cute things in the massive sales.  However, it’s a great idea to do some shopping now, for the Christmas next year (I know, I know, biiiig planning ahead, but seriously, it’s worth it!… You can get decorations half price at this time of year, and you can even bag a fake Christmas tree for under £30.

I’ve compiled a short list of things to keep in mind when shopping the January sales, specifically for the next year’s festive season:

  • Christmas pudding will keep – a rich pudding is full of sugar which means that in spite of it maybe saying ‘Best Before July 2012’, it will keep until next year.
  • Mincemeat does not seem to be in the sale in January, but keep an eye out if it is reduced.
  • Start your Christmas shopping for next year – January sales are full of nice items, that you will be paying full price for again if you leave it until next winter.  I now have a ‘present box’ in my study, which is full of presents that I can give J or friends and family for their next birthdays / Christmas.  Stationery is always useful, and will again be reduced in the January sales.
  • Likewise, jewellery and small gifts can be bought now and kept in a box until birthdays and Christmas next year.
  • Store your current Christmas decorations carefully, so that none break.  It’ll save you having to buy more decorations when you realise there’s some broken ornaments in the box next year.
  • Christmas Candles will obviously keep – if yours have been getting low due to using them this year, buy your new ones now, and save some money.  Same with christmas cards and wrapping paper – they can store easily in a cupboard somewhere until you need them next year (and you can get an early start on writing those Christmas cards; if you’ve got them in the cupboard, you can write and send them in November – plenty of time before the last postal dates!)
  • If you need to buy a new (fake) Christmas tree, now’s the time, the price is much much lower than they are before Christmas, as the old stock needs to be got rid of.
  • Christmas lights are also half price at this time of year – LED ones are usually expensive, but I managed to grab a couple of sets for £7.50 each instead of the £15 that they were before the sale.

Top Tip:  I tend to avoid the high streets, but shop online instead.  Most shops offer free delivery around this time of year, and generally all offer free returns.  It’s far more relaxing to browse a website with a cup of coffee in hand, rather than fight through a swarm of rushed shoppers in order to grab that last Christmas ramekin!


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