A New Year, A New Start

It’s been a while… Well, nearly two years to be exact… And a seventeen month gap it was!

Let’s recap:

  • Jack and I got engaged (which I mentioned in the previous blogpost, way back when).
  • I left my office job to become a freelance creative (woohoo!). Best decision ever (not to mention scariest, but definitely worthwhile!).
  • I grew tired of my flat and wanted desperately to throw paint – any paint! – at the horribly plain white walls
  • My flat then decided to spring a leak
  • Said leak got fixed several months later
  • We started house-hunting, but couldn’t find our house – you know, the one you step into and think, ‘yeah I can live here’.
  • January – May 2013 was spent crazily planning our wedding
  • In amongst which we did find The House.  We put an offer in, after much nail-biting and second-guessing ourselves… and it was accepted.
  • Wedding went off without a hitch (I’ll post some details about colour schemes / what we did to DIY our wedding and make it personal).
  • Lovely, much-needed honeymoon in Croatia.  The weather was divine, and the two weeks relaxation was more than I’ve ever had in a holiday. Ever.
  • We arrive back, close on the house, and get our new keys.
  • We start decorating said house, and move in, amongst our busy jobs.

… Fast forward to today, when I’ve finally sat down and collated photos of new house into albums, realised I should drop the ‘new’ as we’ve been living here for six months now, and THEN realised I should blog about it, as the much-beloved family have not seen many photos (my bad, guys, sorry..!).

So yes, here begins the revamp of Paintpots and Pancakes, possibly with more paint than cakes, but we’ll see if I can’t even that out along the way…

And thanks to all those people who still kept checking / reading my blog whilst I was AWOL doing other creative things.  Hopefully this page will get a bit more interesting now…


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