Chocolates and Christmas Markets

Just before Christmas, Jack and I were in Belgium on a short holiday.  I had been over in Ghent for business (the exciting life of a composer), so Jack joined me for a long weekend after my course finished.  We spent a couple of days meandering around Bruges, enjoying all of it’s beautiful architecture, and the crisp winter air, before returning home to the manic pre-Christmas rush.


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House Layout

To make up for the super wordy post last time – and to help make sense of what is where in our house before we delve into the details of our DIY endeavours over the last few months, I thought I’d share our house layout and ‘before’ photos, the way we were shown the house by the letting agency.  The decor and colour palettes of most of the rooms has since changed, but it’ll give you all an idea of what we were working with.

So here’s the layout of our house… It’s deceptive from the front how far back it goes, though the slight bend has meant that there’s no nice simple 90′ angled walls at the back of the house.





So, the rooms are being used as follows:


Ironically, the layout map provided by the agency actually summed up the paint colour on the majority of the walls of the living areas.  After living in various rented accommodations over the last 6 years, I never want to see another magnolia painted wall in somewhere I live again… We’re slowly combatting the colour, getting rid of it room by room…