One Year (and hasn’t it flown fast?!)

We’ve been celebrating our one year wedding anniversary this weekend by spending time exploring Pembrokeshire.  We’ve both been busy recently with work, so we’ve been looking forward to some much needed us-time, to relax and unwind away from computers and internet!

We’ve been enjoying looking back on our wedding photographs throughout this year, as they bring back memories of the day so vividly.  It was a very relaxed day, full of friends and family, and a cake bar!

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See you on the other side of the weekend… Hope you all have a wonderful Mayday!  What will you all be doing this bank holiday weekend?



Chocolates and Christmas Markets

Just before Christmas, Jack and I were in Belgium on a short holiday.  I had been over in Ghent for business (the exciting life of a composer), so Jack joined me for a long weekend after my course finished.  We spent a couple of days meandering around Bruges, enjoying all of it’s beautiful architecture, and the crisp winter air, before returning home to the manic pre-Christmas rush.


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Winter Garden

So, like I said here, I have a new camera.  Which means a multitude of photos.  And lots appearing on here.

I spent Christmas week at my parents house, which has a garden (my flat does not have one, alas… Though the fact that the park is round the corner from me takes the edge off that a fair bit!).  I’ve been playing round with the camera anyway to get an idea of what to do with it, and so here are some wintery bare-twigged photos of the garden for you to enjoy.

Happy New Year everyone!  xx